Leather Care for Suede/Nubuck Leathers:

Cleaning for a suede or nubuck leather is basically the same. Unless it is very evident that the stain is made up of solids on the surface of the hide, we do not recommend introducing any moisture in the cleaning attempt. Instead, dry abrasion of the stain using either a soft-bristle nylon brush, or 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper may be effective (or perhaps even just a fingernail). The abrasion of the leather surface can remove surface solids and free up the nap fibers, lightening the stain, and restoring the nap. Always dry-dust the area after the cleaning attempt with a clean, dry cloth, to remove dust and loose fibers.

In those cases where the staining agent is known to be solids on the surface of the leather, and to be water-soluble, then to pre-dampen the stain with a damp, white cotton cloth before using the abrasion method may have some effect. Do not be overly aggressive with the abrasion method. Don't focus exclusively on the stain. Rather, blend to the surrounding areas. Don't abrade in only one direction. Move your abrasive material side to side and up and down. Expect some lightening of the color of the leather where you attempt to clean it. Again, dry-dust the cleaned area with a dry, clean cloth.

Don't expect perfection. Instead, the goal is to minimize the stain to the degree that it is far less noticeable under casual inspection. If you can attain that, be happy. Success is dependent on the depth of the stain, and its chemistry.

Caustic fluids (like certain soft drinks, cleaners containing bleach or other harsh chemicals, pet urine, etc.) will leave a reference even after the stain has been resolved, as it alters (erodes) the topography of the hide.

If the stain is not resolved with moderate effort, consider an email to kevin@advleather.com, or a phone call to (800) 541-5982 prior to any more aggressive attempts.

For instances where topical soiling or discolorations cannot be resolved with the above methodology, please visit our services page, for more information about our leather repair and restoration services, and why cleaning alone may not be enough of a remedy.

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