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Wassily Replacement Components

Replacement Wassily straps are a specialty of ours. We've been making them for years. It is important to note that we use only the finest, hand-selected, top-grain leather hides, offering many years of durability. We hand-craft each Wassily strap to order.

Due to sizing, aging, and stretching inconsistencies between original, reproduction, or knock-off Wassily chairs, we can only offer replacement straps, seats or backs if the frame or the existing component is provided. We need this for color matching and exact size of the replacement component. Over the years Wassily chairs were manufactured without a consistent standard size. If you need assistance in dis-mantling or re-assembling your Wassily frame, please call us at (800) 541-5982. We have full written instructions (with pictures) and a DVD that shows the process of a Wassily chair re-assembly.


Here is the pricing breakdown for individual strap components:

The cost for an entire chair set of replacement components (4 arms, 2 backs, 1 seat) is $995, a $250 savings over the parts ordered individually. Two complete sets (presuming same color) is $1791, roughly a 10% savings.

hair-on hide wassily chairs

You can express your creativity with any color scheme you like. Or as in the case of this client, go with a hair-on hide look. Call for special pricing on projects like these.

If your existing Wassily leather is simply discolored, faded or stained, but the leather still has life left then you can purchase a color restoration kit and restore to its original color or make a statement with a new color of your choice. A color enhancement kit for a Wassily chair is $175.

This video shows the disassemly/reassembly process for the wassily chair. If there are difficulties with play-back within your browser window, you can download the entire file directly by right-clicking the following link, and then choosing "Save target as" (IE), or "Save link as" (Firefox) from the menu provided, and then choosing a location on your hard-drive to save the file to. This is a large file (182 MB), and may take a while to download, depending on your connection speed. download link.

Call us @ (800) 541-5982, or email kevin@advleather.com for any additional information.

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