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This is the current list of videos available produced by Advanced Leather Solutions on YouTube. Our YouTube video production is an ongoing effort. They are either task specific (i.e. how to accomplish a specific leather repair task) or are informative about leather. Weve grouped them into categories to make it a bit easier for you to find a video youd like to view. If you want us to produce a specific video regarding leather care and maintenance, let us know. Wed love to hear from you.

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Title: How to Remove Scratches from Pull-up Leather
Description: Demonstrates how to resolve scratches and packing tape damage marks from a pull up leather using Scratch Remover.

Title: Leather Color - Print Coat Failure Video 1
Description: Shows a weakness in the coloring system used to color this leather. The original protective coating has very little wear or chemical resistance, including against water. This piece was manufactured by Ashley Furniture.

Title: Resolving Mold in Leather
Description: Mold? Video demonstrates how to resolve mold in or on leather.

Title: Leather Color - Print Coat Failure Video 2
Description: Why does the color of leather come off, or appear to fade? It's called print coat failure.

Title: Resolving a Dent in Leather Furniture
Description: Have a dent in your leather furniture? This video demonstrates how to resolve it.

Title: Leather Lacing on a Cushion
Description: In this case, we are re-lacing a leather cushion as part of our restoration process. We removed the original lacing prior to reupholstering the casing with new leather and coloring it to the original color. Then we re-lace the cushion.

Title: Sticky Name Tag Problem on Leather Jacket
Description: Have you been to a function wearing a beautiful leather jacket and someone hands you a name tag to stick on the leather? Oops. When you pull the name tag off, the leather color comes with it. This video shows how to solve that problem and save the expensive leather jacket.

Title: How to Insert Foam into a New Cushion Casing
Description: Video shows a simple technique to ease the effort of inserting foam into a leather cushion. This little trick saves a lot of time and energy in getting the foam neatly and quickly inside the leather cushion casing.

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