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This is the current list of videos available produced by Advanced Leather Solutions on YouTube. Our YouTube video production is an ongoing effort. They are either task specific (i.e. how to accomplish a specific leather repair task) or are informative about leather. Weve grouped them into categories to make it a bit easier for you to find a video youd like to view. If you want us to produce a specific video regarding leather care and maintenance, let us know. Wed love to hear from you.

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Title: Wassily Backrest Installation
Description: Shows how to install replacement backrest leather for a Wassily chair.

Title: Identify Barcelona/Wassily Chairs Authenticity - Video 1
Description: How can you tell a real Wassily chair or Barcelona chair? Learn the clues to look for to determine if the piece is the real deal or a knock-off. The video also shows the quality of materials Advanced Leather Solutions uses to construct replacement components for these chairs.

Title: Identify Barcelona/Wassily Chairs Authenticity - Video 2
Description: This video from Advanced Leather Solutions shows you how to tell if you have an original Barcelona or Wassily chair. It also shows the quality of workmanship in our replacement parts for Wassily and Barcelona chairs.

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