It has always been our desire to build a community among those that do what we do, to pass along ideas and experience that will help technicians at every level grow, and lessen the stress of operating in isolation.

Formerly known as the Leather Technician Field Guide, the Comprehensive Guide to Leather Repair and Restoration has been expanded to over 300 pages of instruction, including theoretical, hands-on, and anecdotal information gleaned over thirty years, as well as external links to additional resources, such as task-oriented YouTube videos. Our experiences, and those of our many, many friends in the trade have contributed to the most comprehensive, exhaustive manual available anywhere. From beginner to Master Technician, it provides insights and information with a single goal - to make you better at what you do.

The ADV Leather Technician Forum is an interactive extension to the Guide. It's a place to ask questions online about information in the guide, as well as those that arise during day-to-day projects. Join now!

If you have specific questions about the guide or the community, you can call (800) 541-5982. We're happy to answer them for you.